Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wreath: Completed!

I have COMPLETED the sheet-music wreath AND it is hung on our bedroom wall! I am quite pleased with this little project and am glad it is finished because now something cute and artsy (and pertaining to my past...) is hanging on our wall. The only thing is... it looks lonely up there :( I'm thinking about cutting out some music notes from ply-wood and hanging them to the right of the wreath! Enjoy:

Sorry, once again, my pictures are taken with an iTouch... I must get used to reaching for the GOOD camera... See the ugly tan wall?? MAN I wish I could fix that!

My next project?


It will go here:

Yes, that is part of my wedding attire from last July hanging on our floor lamp. As I was getting out of my dress I didn't want to fling my accessories on the floor like I am so apt to do, so this is where they ended up!

So, there is 15'' between the door fram and the intersecting wall, so, I want to put a low shelving unit here. I have not found any pre-builts that I like, so I am going to MAKE one! With my dad's help, because he has all the carpentry tools.

Here are the "Schematics" of the Anterior/Posterior view:

I said it could be front or back view because I don't plan on it having a back. It will be made out of plain-jane 1x12in shelving wood.

After I learned what lengths 1x12 comes in (4ft, 8ft, 10ft & 12ft) and their prices, I quickly did some math and came up with needing only two 1x12x12 boards. This comes to $37.xx before tax. I can live with this, as most pre-builts come with some assembly required for $100-ish bucks!

The only thing left to do is to purchase my wood, and decide on finish. I can't decide if I want to stain it to match the dresser/nightstands in our room or be creative and paint the shelf to match our bedding. Mr. Dye thinks it would be WAY COOL if it matched the bedding. So do I. So, we may match it to the bedding!

From the BB&B website, This is a better quality, but I wanted to show what our bedding looked like as well as the inspiration of the paint we may use on the shelf :)

You may be asking "Why all the odd measurements!?" My husband asked why I wan't dealing with 12'' increments. I came back with, "because it's my project and I'll do what I want!" :-P Well, I did say that, but I backed up my reasoning with: My primary use for this shelving unit is to hold folded clothing that does not fit into our tiny closet. But, we don't plan on living here forever so eventually we won't need to put clothes on this shelf. I also plan on it looking absolutely COOL and probably won't want to junk it. Therefore, I measured some of mine and Rooster's books and the tallest ones measure in at 11-12 inches. I don't like books being crammed into spaces, so I added extra room. Mr. Dye then complimented me on my smart thinking :)

P.S. While at our local lumber store, I was complimented on how well-thought my plans are by their wonderful lumber staff :) Made my day:)


  1. The wreath turned out great! Now I need to stop procrastinating and finish mine...

  2. Your wreath looks good and I like the way you stained the center. I think it goes well with your wall color.

  3. Wow your wreath is awesome. I really love the idea. I am busy pondering where I could put one in my flat... hmmmm.... ;). You should totally link it up to my Weekend Review Link Party today. I bet others will love it too. I hope you are having a great day? :)

  4. I love the wreath! My sewing room doubles as my music studio; this would look just perfect on the wall over the piano!