Wednesday, February 16, 2011

{thirty} Days of TRUTH

I happened across this challenge, "30 Days of Truth," on this blog, Undeserving Grace. I am hoping I can keep up with it, as I think it will uncover a lot about myself. Why don't you try it, too?

30 Days of Truth

{day one} February 16, 2011

Do I pray like Jesus?

No, I don't pray like Jesus. I will say, however, that my praying skills have gotten TREMEMDOUSLY better since 2008. I read a book by Robert Whitlow, "The List," and it was boring, I'll admit. It took me a while to figure out why I was rading it. I think God put it in my hands not for the story line, but for the prayer lesson it had become. The characters prayed for EVERYthing. I have begun to do this, slowly. Since Mr. Dy have been maried/living together, we pray at dinner-time. I pray before I go to bed. I pray in thanksgiving for remembering where I put my keys! I pray when hearing of a prayer request on the radio. The one thing I want to get better at is praying on the spot. When someone says they are hurting or ill or what have you, I want to ask if I may pray for them AND DO IT RIGHT THEN, with that person. Aloud.

{day two}

Write a letter to what causes me stress bidding those things farewell from my life.

{day three}

Make a list of 5 difficult experiences I've had and the lesson(s) each one taught me.

{day four}

When I look ahead 5, 10, 15 years..What do I want my life to have produced? What results do long for in each area {wife, mother, daughter, and woman of God}

{day five}

What do I need now more than anything?

{day six}

What aspects of myself and my life have I struggled to accept and why? Through His Word what has been said about these things?

{day seven}

How can I cooperate more with God in order to grow in Him? What am I resisting rather than receiving?

{day eight}

At this moment I have the inner strength to change what direction in my life? What direction will I choose to go on this day?

{day nine}

How do I nurture myself?

{day ten}

Make a list of all the behaviors and incidents for which I want to be forgiven for. Pray for these items at a scheduled set time each day of this week asking to live free from any resentments or stored emotions.

{day eleven}

What are 30 things His Word tells me that I'm grateful for today?

{day twelve}

I feel weak and vulnerable when...

{day thirteen}

Write a love letter to myself.

{day fourteen}

Set a certain amount of time to spend with God this week and write about my reflections of how He revealed Himself or something to me during that time.

{day fifteen}

What did I want to be when I grew up and how does that compare to where I'm at today?

{day sixteen}

Can God handle my problems, insecurities, and struggles?

{day seventeen}

make a list of my fears and include the worst possible outcomes with each one. Then go back to each one with a plan for what I will do if that outcome becomes my reality.

{day eighteen}

Find 5 scriptures that inspire me and personalize them by re-writing them with my name in them somewhere.

{day nineteen}

What hopes have I let go of that I need to find again?

{day twenty}

What defines me and why?

{day twenty one}

Write a mission statement for myself.

{day twenty two}

Write a love letter to my first love (Christ)

{day twenty three}

What does God's grace mean to me and where do I see it in my life?

{day twenty four}

What does trusting God mean to me? What does the Bible say about trust?

{day twenty five}

Based upon my day to day struggles where do I leave God behind and how can I change this?

{day twenty six}

Each day for the next week choose a verse that reminds me of how much God loves me and write my thoughts each day on the verse.

{day twenty seven}

What does the Bible say about being a child of God and how can I relate them to my life?

{day twenty eight}

Where have I traveled within myself since beginning these 30 days of truth and what have I learned about myself in the process?

{day twenty nine}

Where am I going from here? what do know to be true?

{day thirty}

Where do my loyalties lie and what will remain secure within me despite where my days go or where this life takes me?


  1. this is awesome! I'm so glad that you've joined me. Regarding your -wondering if you can keep up- unlike most {blog} challenges I'm not doing it on a timetable...mainly b/c I really wanted to find it. to find the answers I'm looking for and I don't feel you can put a deadline or schedule to that don't feel rushed or overwhelmed cuz I'm probably not moving very fast. I've just been taking my time...praying, searching, and writing about the journey and I'm thankful you've joined me!

  2. One thing I learned from my sister-in-law is to just say "Thank you God!" whenever I can, all day, every day. Great post, and I look forward to reading more!

  3. Hi there! I found you on Tara's blog. I also did the 30 days. It was honestly life changing for me. Now following you - hope you'll visit!