Sunday, August 11, 2013

Weekend Adventures

It's been a while since I've been able to write about anything with sustenance. I still don't have much of anything that is blog worthy. So I will write a family update, today.

My 26th birthday (ahem, 5th celebration of my 21st birthday!) was on August 4th. Saturday evening, my husband and I went to a wine bar to watch a band play. One of the singers in the band happens to be my best friend's boyfriend, so we tend to follow them around a lot... therefore, we are groupies! I got to try new wine. I tried a moscato, cabernet sauvignon and a red blend called Texas Hold'em by Messina Hof. The Texas Hold'em is my new favorite right now. It was really good!

Sunday, my actual birthday, was filled with church and family. My parents took us to lunch at the Spaghetti Warehouse in Houston. It was so good. I know I was stuffed after lunch! We were going to try to do something else while we were down town, but it began to pour buckets of rain so we decided to just trek back home for cake. Cake was yummy! Chocolate, as usual :)

I got an awesome pasta pot/double boiler/steamer set from my wonderful in-laws! I have been wanting something like this forever :)

I also got a new tripod for my camera from my dear husband and kiddos. Let me tell you: I have been needing one. My old one is currently being used as an antenna stand at my parent's home ;)

I was also given money to go clothes shopping for myself. I braved Texas' Tax Free Weekend yesterday and got out with my three year old to do some shopping. It went well. I did only get myself 2 items. An awesome new shirt with angel wings on it from Kohl's by Rock & Republic, and some great looking black dress shorts from JCP by By & By. I ended up at Target and decided to be generous and got the girls each a pair of jeans and a top and the husband got a new polo shirt. Happy day!

Today has been a pretty lazy day. We did get up and attempt to go to church. We Matt and I got through the Sunday School announcements when the nursery director pulled me out saying Natalee had a 100* fever. Sssoooo, we pulled the girls out and went home. We tried to bring Natalee into our classroom, but she was simply too fussy to focus. We stopped for kolaches on the way home.

Riley did so well while out shopping yesterday with me that I decided to reward her for being so good and not whining. She has been BEGGING for hair chalk for a while. Today, I got her some. She has been rocking green and blue streaks for the afternoon.

Later on we will be having dinner with Matt's family.

Happy Sunday yall! I hope everyone has had a great weekend and has a great week ahead!