About Us

Welcome!!  I'm Courtney, and this is my blog. 

I'm a 25 year old wife, mother, daughter, sister, 
student, seamstress, photographer, truck accessory 
and window tint shop administrative assistant living 
in a suburban area north of Houston, Texas with 
two beautiful daughters (3 years & 15 months) 
and a very loving, supportive and tentative husband!

Doodle Bugs & Daisies is a personal journal and blog where I write about anything that holds my interest. It started out as a blog to keep distant family and friends informed about our family (You know, before EVERYONE had a Facebook account!).

As time passed and most of our family joined in on FB, this blog began shifting toward a journal for me to write about just about everything. I still write about our family. I join in on blog link parties where there are writing prompts. I share my latest dresses I've sewn for my little Facebook shop, Doodle Bugs &Daisies. I post recipes that are near and dear to my heart...err...stomach? 

What should I tell you about myself?

I am a born-again Christian and have been since I was eight years old.

I my "real job" is an administrative assistant for a window tint/truck accessory shop. I do a lot of the paperwork side of the operation, then most of the accessory orders. My favorite part of the job is I get to drive most of the new cars out on the market when I pick up a new sale from a dealership! Fun Fun! The family who owns the shop have known me since I was 5 years old. I babysat their daughter since she was about 3 and she is 15 now! They are my second mom and dad and it's wonderful working for family :) 

I have dabbled in photography for the last five years. I've been the go-to gal for family and friends when there are Christmas card photos needed or a friend has gotten engaged. I've even done a few weddings! My favorite shoot has been most recent when I got to take my good friend Julie and her fiancee's engagement photos! I'd say my second favorite was taking a fellow classmate's engagement shots. (Can you tell engagements MIGHT be my favorite in general??)

I started making clothing for my daughters and had given some of my wares away to friends and family as gifts for quite a while. Everyone said my dresses were absolutely darling and after several long months of prodding and over-suggesting that I make it into a business, I created my Facebook shop, Doodle Bugs & Daisies. Here, I mostly make and sell bandanna and pillowcase style dresses for little girls. Occasionally I will break out something new to sell for the parent's sake! I have been to a few craft fairs and have done really well! My next big adventure in craft fairs will be coming up in July and I'm so excited! I will be doing a three day festival in my Dad's childhood hometown! I can't wait!

I am currently going to school at a university about 40 miles from home majoring in Agriculture and minoring in Secondary Education. My goal is to become a high school Agriculture teacher. However, I feel like I have made a career out of being a student! I'm working on year EIGHT at college! I will get done, though. Just, probably not as quickly as my parents would like, Ha! It will be worth it when I do finish. I was in FFA (Future Farmer's of America) throughout high school and I loved it. I wish I had known of 4H in my younger years. We never had the best Ag teacher and getting into college and hearing what other Ag programs had been like (way better) I decided that I definitely wanted to be an Ag teacher, so that I could show kids what Ag is supposed to be like. Teach kids where their food comes from. That Agriculture is the backbone of our country. Aaannnd... help kids with their animal projects! :)