Thursday, June 9, 2011

Project for Rooster!

I have recently been stalking Kim @ Too Much Time on My Hands.  Kim has several neat projects that I can't wait to try and replicate. One of which is a way to upcycle used milk caps. See her original post here.

As many of you know, dear Rooster has had a Cataract removed. You can read her story by clicking on the "Cataracts" tab at the top of my blog. We must patch her good eye in order for her to build her sight back up in her bad eye. While her eye is patched, we should read to her, point out pictures, have her point to certian objects, etc. This milk caps project would be PERFECT in helping us with building her sight. I can't wait to jump on it. We go through milk like crazy, so it shouldn't take too long to save up, right?? :-)

So, this is definitely my next project! Can't wait to get started!
Thank you, Kim for your wonderful, Earth Friendly idea!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fresh Air Experience

I don’t know exactly how much I’ve let on about myself to you, my readers. I am going to share a little more today!

Currently I am a student in college getting my major in Agriculture and minoring in Secondary Education. I want to be a high school ag teacher as well as advise students in the FFA (Future Farmers of America).

Personally, I believe that each state education agency should require all students at the high school level to take an introductory AFNR (Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources) course just so AFNR teachers can explain topics such as where their food comes from, what different industries there are in the Ag world, to show what the WIDE OPEN COUNTRY looks like, etc…

I have been told by professors that about 75% of the American populations are such “city folk” that they’ve never even SEEN a cow in person.

There is an organization in New York City that wants to provide NYC children from low-income communities free summer vacations or summer camps. This organization is called the Fresh Air Fund.

Most New York City low-income communities are just towering apartment buildings without any open spaces for children to play. Concrete playgrounds just can’t replace the feeling of running bare foot through an open field.

Every year, the Fresh Air Fund gives thousands of inner-city children the priceless gift of fun – and opens the door to a lifetime of opportunities. Whether it’s a two-week trip to visit a volunteer host family or a fun-filled and educational stay at one of their camps, their programs make for unforgettable memories – and open a world of new friendships and fresh possibilities.

The Fresh Air Fund is a not-for-profit organization searching for 1200 host families for the 2011 summer. Host families are volunteers who open their hearts and homes to children from the city to give them a Fresh Air experience that can change lives.

I know earlier I was talking about the country and cows and what-not. As a host family, you don't have to have THAT in particular. I really just threw that in as an interesting little tid-bit of information that is typical for the majority of the American population. These kids really just need a change of scenery! What do these kids enjoy? Just the simple things in life!

  • Playing in the backyard

  • Laughing in the sunshine

  • Catching fireflies

  • Riding bicycles

  • Learning to swim

  • Running barefoot through the grass

  • Gazing at the stars on moonlit nights

  • Building sandcastles

  • Making new friends

  • Simple pleasures of life away from the inner-city

    The Fresh Air Fun is searching for families in the following area:

    If you or someone you know would be interested in hosting a child or even making a donation to the organization, please call (800) 367-0003 or visit their website to learn more about this exciting adventure for the children.



    Well, today on MSN's homepage there was a really cool story. There is a young woman in Japan who is a photographer. Her self portraits are always of her levitating. Her pictures are REALLY neat!

    You can read the story HERE and go to the photographer's website HERE

    Here she is, levitating in a phone booth in Tokyo! How cool is it?

    What is your favorite self portrait? Do you take the picture relying on a friend or your camera's self-timer?

    Monday, June 6, 2011

    RE-designed :)

    I have redesigned my blog. I'm pretty happy with it. Blogger and I seem to have a "Love-Hate" relationship in which I love to hate Blogger... I have to be really patient with it. Anyway, with some reminders from my good friend Amber @ Lucky Lees to Be and some poking around in Dashboard, I have this.... See?

    Also, a new grab button!

    I love the simplicity, but it may change again, soon.


    I lose stuff in my purse. Alot. It is a huge gloriously zebra-&-pink slouchy purse. I absolutely love this purse. However, like I said, I CONSTANTLY lose EVERYTHING in this purse. Saturday, I bought a new purse :) It is small, plain and cute. However, plain and cute is not exactly my style. I love "Western bling." Sooo.... I also bought a cute necklace cross with the same metal that was in my purse and hotglued the pendant to the flap of the purse!!

    Totally has "Western Bling" now ;-)

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