Saturday, February 12, 2011


It is only 9:35AM and I've already had a few moments make me feel EXTREMEMLY happy!

1. I continue to fit into my Wrangler 20X jeans that I bought in 2005.
======>This is awesome, however I may not wear them in public anymore because they are ratty. But. They. Are. My. Faveorites! I practically wore them to the barn EVERYDAY for two years because they are super comfy and let me move when halter breaking/ fitting/ getting out of the way of COWS. They got dirty, they got washed. I think I cried when I was pregnant and got to the moment I could no longer wear them. Oh! But I fit into them exactly two months after the Roo-ster was born :) Oh Happy Day! Now they are my go-to jeans for cleaning day...

2. Roo-ster and I went to Wally-world this AM for a few supplies. In the check out lane this man pointed to my left hand and said "Ma'am, you are by far the prettiest woman I've seen today, are those {rings} for real??" Riley let out a giggle for whatever reason, so did I, and thankfully I was done at the check out and was able to say "Why yes they are! Thank you for the complement," and walked away. Quickly.
=====> For whatever reason, I've never been one to get complements similar to this, and frankly, it made my day.  Hats off to you, man at Wally-world check out!

3. My favorite movie: Top Gun. Great Balls of Fire, I found it this morning! It has been lost since the Husband and I moved in together... Nine long months Maverick, Goose and I have been without each other.
====>  {Swoon}

I hope you have an awesome day!

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  1. It's funny the little things that make our days! Have a wonderful weekend!