Monday, February 21, 2011

Contact lenses!

Riley's contact lens FINALLY came in! We got up this morning and went down to Baylor Medical Center to the Alkek Eye Center. The most PATIENT woman in the world was Riley's optometrist this morning. She showed me how to clean Riley's contact lens. It's just a little different from my own lenses, but still simple and easy.

Then the hard part...

I had to put the lens in Riley's eye. Without an example first. However, this was easy! I got the lens in on the first try. I got a high five from the doctor and a great big hug from Rooster.

But then, we couldn't leave until I could show her I was capable to take the lens OUT! I should've known. When I got my own contact lenses, I wasn't allowed to leave until I could show my doctor I could handle it.

I felt so bad for Riley :( She had to be pinned down for this and it took me a good 45 minutes or so until I was able to get it out. This lens is more stiff than traditional contact lenses; I couldn't get a good grip while she was crying. But luckily I did get it out. Every time I NEARLY got it, I was praised by the optometerist for doing such a good job and not giving up. It really helped that she was so patient with me.

We let Riley take a little break and then I popped the lens back into her eye and we were able to leave.

It is definitely a two-person job. I'm glad my dad was able to go with us. I will have to teach Mr. Dye how we did everything. It is definitely a lot easier than I first thought. Thank goodness we are allowed to leave it in until Wednesday or Thursday, then it must come out one day this weekend for overnight cleaning. We just have to pick two days out of the week, one for taking it out over night and the other day to put it in. Once the eye doctor feels that Riley and we are comfortable with this task, (around 2 to 2.5 years of age) we will begin taking the lens out daily.

After the visit to the eye doctor, Dad, Riley and I grabbed an awesome lunch of bourbon chicken at the Mall and Riley and I rode the Carousel. Riley rode a "up-and-down" horse named "Flash!" He was a noble steed and did not throw my dear baby :)

Ahhh... this weekend was SUCH a good weekend! Friday while I was at work, I ordered some N*Fab steps for my truck. It's only a 2WD truck, but the steps are rugged looking and will make it more off-road like. I can't wait till we can get the wheels I want for it!

After work, we went to the mall to spend a little of our tax return on a new BED! We splurged for the awesome Sleep Number bed from Select Comfort. I did not know this about these beds, but, you have to order them and the bed is not even MADE until it is ordered. How cool is that?? We will have it within the next week. I can't wait!

Saturday, Mr. Dye and I got up SUUUUPER early and headed out to Victoria, TX to a Rabbit/Guinea Pig Show. I raised rabbits in high school and my BFF raised ginea pigs. Well, the BFF has gotten back into the pigs and was going to show some of her newly acquired ones. I decided that I would go, too. I had such a blast! I had forgotten how much fun it was. My dear husband and her boyfriend looked so out of place at this particular show, but even THEY had fun. Mr. Dye kept playing with some of my BFF's pigs and asking questions (even played sales man for her!). He even asked if they would make good pets for Riley-roo! (I think I see us being future guinea pig owners!) I'm so glad I got to attend this show. I was asked to take comments for one of the judges. I'm glad I got to do this, it reminded me of what judges look for in particular animals.

Sunday: Mr. Dye and I have been attending a Marriage Enrichment course at Church. It is a video bible study by Dr. Gary Chapman. It is absolutely wonderful. It's not for people WITH marriage problems, it is specifically to avoid maritial problems and to have a Christ-centered marriage. Some days we feel like the study doesn't pertain to us because we feel that we already do what is suggested within our marriage. However, we do get some valuable pointers through mini exercises.  Definitley worth the $16 in course material :)   After church, we went to Sun & Ski and purchased two new Haro bicycles for Mr. Dye and myself and even bought a baby seat for Rooster to ride with us! Once we finally got home to try it all out, Riley was tired (I hope) and didn't really like the ride :( We will have to try it again this weekend. we really hope she likes to ride with us.

Such a good weekend! I hope yours was just as awesome!


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  1. This is the first time I've had a chance to read your blog. I love it. But I couldn't figure out why Mr. David Dye was going these places with you and then I figured you must be talking about Matt. See I don't think of him as a Mr. since I've known him since he was 9 yrs old.
    Anyway, so glad to hear that Riley is doing well.