Thursday, January 31, 2013

Great News!


Potty training Riley has been going extremely well! I couldn't be more proud of my oldest little girl at the moment. Yesterday I subbed up at the high school in the Ag department. Around lunch time my Mom-In-Law text me and said," Riley has something exciting she can't wait to tell you!" So the whole rest of the day, I'm anxious and on pins and needles wondering what on Earth Riley did for me to receive such a text? MIL asked me to meet them at our local Frozen Yogurt shop after school. 

Once I was able to high-tail it down the street to the yogurt shop, I had a myriad of obstacles in my way. First there were some high school kids who had decided it was alright to pop my tail gate down and sit a spell to wait for their rides. Whatever they were thinking is beyond me. I don't like when random people decide to even look at my truck! My truck is mine. It is purty. It doesn't need potential dents scratches or swapped paint. Ya hear me? 

My Purty Truck
After kicking the boys off my tail gate, I headed down the street. My town has every crazy driver known to man. They swerve, go faster than the speed limit, go slower than the speed limit, they decide they have to be in the lane two lanes over right.....NOW! Crazy I tell you! Driving the mile and a half down the street to the shop, I must have got cut off three times. Dumb. It really burns me when someone HAS to cut me off. Especially when there is NO ONE BEHIND ME...! Good Lord just DRIVE! And do it normal! 

So, I get to the frozen yogurt shop right when my MIL pulls in, too. Riley is frantically waving to me from her car seat and I can see through the window her shouting, "Mom! Mom! There's my Momma! Hi Momma!" Love that kiddo! I open her door to start unbuckling her when all of a sudden, "Mom! Momma! Guess What?? I Pooped In The Potty!!"  

Hallelujah Praise The Lord!

My Beautiful, ALMOST potty trained, Oldest little girl: Riley!
I thought we'd never reach this point! After yogurt, we went back home and she even pooped in the potty, again, on her own. Without me even having to remind her to go. I'm so gosh darn proud of her:) :)

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