Sunday, January 20, 2013

Potty Training & Insanity

We have been working on potty training Riley for the past week now. Every day I have been getting her on the potty as soon as she wakes up in the mornings. She usually goes immediately. Then instead of a diaper, she gets BIG GIRL PANTIES! She has an assortment of Hello Kitty, because she loves cats, and one of her stuffed animals is a pink beanie baby cat she named “Pinky.” After going potty first thing, I begin to set the microwave timer every 20-30 minutes and when the timer goes off, she gets on the potty. I don’t ask her, “Do you have to potty?” because she will tell me no, even if she does need to go. I just tell her it’s time to potty, and we go! 

The first two days, we did not have any accidents! Yay! We even ran a couple errands in panties! (5 minute drive to Grandma’s and even to the library sitting through story time!) Day 3, seemed to be a disaster. She won’t poop in the potty yet and I don’t really know how to address that. The first two days, Riley must have been having tummy issues because she never pooped. Well, that 3rd day she had to. Twice. And this mommy had to clean it up both times. (Why does this stuff never happen when Matthew is home?? Grrr) Even though this day SUCKED, Riley still had a pretty awesome day! 

Yesterday (Sunday), I had enough confidence in her to let her go to church in panties. I did pack two pants, another pair of panties, and a couple diapers (JUST in case!) After all, it was a new setting, there were lots of other kiddos, and I wasn’t sure how the teachers would respond or be able to catch her signs. She did OK. I was proud of her! 

I must say, in the process of this past week, I did put her in a diaper at nap time and bed time. I also quit buying Pampers diapers for Riley. They are too expensive to buy just for her to wear two a day! We bought Target brand for her. Much cheaper! So after a week of potty training, Riley has become more compliant with sitting on the potty when she’s told to, however, I don’t feel like she knows when she needs to go. Not once does she ever tell me she needs to potty. Could be that I need to lengthen the time between sitting on the potty. Maybe I’ll try that this week. I am one proud momma, though! I can’t wait for no more diapers for Riley!!

Matt and I were given the Insanity workout by Shaun T. last week. We started it on Tuesday evening. Gosh! That workout really IS insane! But you know what? I feel better during the day! I have had sore joints ever since being pregnant with Natalee. They just never went away and I never seemed to have the energy to do anything to make myself feel better. All this past week, I’ve been sore, but only muscularly! My joints have not been achy like before! I feel GOOD! I did take all my measurements before starting it. I hope I can see some visual results by the time our 60 days are up. As long as we do it together, I feel like I will be able to complete the program. Matt is my motivation and accountability partner! 

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