Sunday, January 6, 2013

Big Hair & Falsies!

All my life I've had frizzy, unmanageable hair that has always seemed to work against me. Until I got a flat iron! This occurred about 8 years ago now. Recently I started wearing my hair teased up fairly high. I say fairly high because my hair is so long it just pulls any height I do have back down. I have layers, but they aren't too noticeable. When I do tease my hair, all my layers seem to appear out of thin air and my hair looks lovely. 

I am a girl who (I think) looks decent without any make up on. So, I do tend to step out in public au natural more often than not. This morning I was getting ready for church and decided to tease my hair and make it pretty. I was running late so I thought I would go without make up today. Buuuut... the teased hair is so special and pretty, it's like I just HAD to do a little make up. So that made me run later than normal. 

So with learning how to tease my hair, I've also learned something new! I have begun playing with false eyelashes. I think they are gorgeous and make my eyes in particular stand out even more. I've watched a few YouTube videos and searched Pinterest for tutorials on how to get the best application. Teased hair and falsies have become my new favorite things!

Last week I stopped in at Ulta to peruse the aisles of make up. I had a couple dollars left on a gift card and thought I would take a look. A long time ago, my favorite lip gloss in the whole wide world was by Rimmell London and it was called Berry Bliss. It was the closest color to my natural lip color I have ever found! Well, I ran out of Berry Bliss several years ago and when I went to buy more, Ulta had stopped carrying that particular line of gloss by Rimmell. While I was in Ulta last week, I saw it! The purple lids! But! They were on CLEARANCE! Ulta had begun carrying them again, but just as I had stopped to look, and found it, now Rimmell is discontinuing the whole line:( sad face :( There was one Berry Bliss left, so I bought it. It's nice to have my favorite color back on my lips, but it's almost like I don't want to use it all the time like I used to since I know it won't be around forever! 

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