Monday, January 21, 2013

Family Weekend

Every weekend, we spend time with both mine and Matt’s families. This weekend, we had such good weather, that we spent a lot of time outside. Saturday, we stuck around our house till mid-afternoon so that I could get some laundry done. Yuck. But, I’ve had such good energy from doing our Insanity workout; I had to use it for good. Or evil, depending on how you look at it. (Laundry in my house = EVIL, btw) After I had had enough laundry, we went to Matt’s family’s house. We spent the afternoon on their front porch letting the girls play with a Power Wheels 4-wheeler. Riley had gotten this for her 2nd birthday, but has been scared of it and never got on. Until this weekend! Natalee is our fearless child and will do anything (as long as it doesn’t have to do with swinging fast or being tossed in the air!). Matt held on to Natalee while pushing the button, and she just giggled the whole time! Well, whaddaya know? Riley sees sissy on HER toy, gets jealous and decides she wants a turn! She was still scared at first, but Riley got on and rode like a champ! Maybe that toy will see some more rides in its future:)

Sunday after church we spent time with my mom and dad, celebrating my dad’s birthday. We went to Grimaldi’s for pizza and then let the girls play a little at the waterway. I can’t wait for the weather to warm up; the girls were just itchin’ to play in the water at the splash pad! After the fun, we went back to their house for birthday cake! But, with Daddy holding Nat, you could hardly tell whose birthday it really was! Daddy said he was just letting Natalee get some practice in before her BIG day in one month! Good Lord! My baby will be a year old next month!


Looks like we may be getting close to not using bottles anymore! Yay!


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