Friday, February 15, 2013

20 Questions Part 1 of 4

There was a blog floating around Pinterest where a list of questions were compiled so that you and your husband (significant other) could get to know each other a little better. Like the author of this blog, I thought it would be neat to answer them so that my children could get a little insight about their momma! So that is what I have done. It was originally 30 questions, but I have pared it down for myself. I hope you enjoy following along with me

This is part one of four

List 20 random facts about yourself.

-I love getting snail mail. It's the best feeling in the world knowing that someone took the time to write you a personal letter. I wish all my snail mail wasn't junk, though. If you feel like writing, I’d love a pen pal!

-I like road trips. But I don't like the getting there part if I'm not driving. When we used to DRIVE to TN to see mom's family, I would sleep the ENTIRE way there, only waking up to eat or to go to the bathroom. That's like a 14 hour trip, mind you! But, if I'm driving, I love it! I can look at the scenery go by and sit in silence without radio or other people and be perfectly content! But I get super cranky if I'm just a passenger

-I love to wear Heels! It makes me feel way confident in myself and makes my posture better too

-I used to LOVE Hershey's Kisses. But then I tasted Dove Chocolate and no other chocolate tastes good anymore.

-I'm usually not a picky eater. BUT... lately I'm finding out that I actually AM! Tastes definitely change over time. The only beans I eat are Pork and beans and Green beans! Everything else is a no no. I hate mushrooms. I used to Love scrambled eggs. Now I gag at the sight of them. They are disgusting. Any egg. They are only good for baking with! I absolutely can't stand pickles, onions, or mustard. I will NOT touch anything remotely spicy either. And this isn't the entire list either... However, since marrying my husband, I’ve had to become a little more forgiving towards food. If he cooks, I have to be willing to try it once. I have found that I like HIS way of cooking scrambled eggs:)

-I'm destined to be near some sort of body of water. I don't know what I would do without beautiful Lake Conroe. I love going out and just sitting and watching the boats go by. It's sooo calming. We did live in a condo on the lake for about a year. It was so nice!

-I once had red hair for about a month. I LOVED it. I think I'm going to try blonde the next time I'm feeling adventurous!!

-I don't watch television on my own anymore. The only time I watch it is if I am with someone else and they are watching it. There are sooo many other things to do that it is pointless to sit in front of the TV wasting time!

-I am learning new recipes to cook. I love cooking. I love when I have made something and other people find it absolutely wonderful! It is so gratifying.

-When I go out to eat, I usually don't try new things. I tend to stick to the same entrees. For example, at Roadhouse, I order the rib eye with a salad and mashed potatoes. At any Italian restaurant, I order some sort of shrimp alfredo. At Mexican food restaurants, I order cheese enchiladas, no beans. At Seafood places, it’s ALMOST always fried catfish.

-I taught myself how to Knit, crochet and how to embroider. BUT, I have no patience to sit and do either one continuously till completion. How sad.

-I once had 78 pairs of shoes. I went through EVERY SINGLE ONE and decided that I didn't wear several anymore and that some just didn't fit anymore. I now have 15. That’s such a small number compared to 78! But, on the bright side, I do have more floor space now! Lol

-I have a list of about 200 books that I must read that I am trying to work through. I love to read. This list is growing ever so long... so I should be set for life on reading material!

-Matt and I were only officially dating a month before Rooster came along. It was devastating at the time and I hated making my momma sad over my indiscretions. Matt and I are very adamant that we will make this marriage work. I feel that we still got married out of love and never because we had a baby together. I believe Riley was sent to me to help my family in a difficult time. She was born the day before the one-year anniversary of my little brother’s death. I am so incredibly grateful to God for sending her!

-I will eat green beans straight out of a can. I love them so much!

-I have my own craft business called Doodle Bugs & Daisies. I make dresses for little girls as well as other crafty items as I see fit.

-Grey’s anatomy is my guiltiest pleasure. Even though I don’t like to watch TV, I could watch this all day long!

-My husband and I are currently doing the Insanity workout program by Shaun T. It really is insane, but I really do love it. It helps that Matt and I are our biggest motivators to each other!

-I’ve always been super busy in school. High school, I was in FFA, Band and Model UN. I was an officer in FFA and Band my 10th, 11th, 12th grade years. In college, I was a member of most Agriculture EC activities, even an officer of a couple of them. Needless to say I’ve been a very busy student.

-Speaking of college, I am majoring in agriculture while minoring in Secondary Education. I want to be a high school Ag teacher one day. Unfortunately, I seem to be making a career out of school. This is going on my 8th year of college. I can hardly see the light at the end of the tunnel, but I am determined to finish. One day…

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