Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What on Earth Did I Do?

Well. In making "We Three Dyes" turn into "Doodle Bugs & Daisies," I must have really messed up!

See, I had started this page as "We Three Dyes" because there were three of us. Rooster, Husband and I. Now Nat has joined us, so we are no longer three, but four. And "We Four Dyes" just didn't have a pretty little ring to it like before. So I dubbed the blog after my small crafty business Doodle Bugs & Daisies.

HOWEVER... We Three Dyes was on a Google account I created through my Hotmail email address because I had not as of then created a Gmail account. Fast forward to a few months ago when I got back into blogging, I had not one, but TWO Gmail accounts. Personal (because I have an Android cell phone), and business... I could link my two Gmail accounts and switch back and forth, no problem (yay!) but when I wanted to blog, I had to log out of my Gmail accounts and log in to my Hotmail Google account {Whew!} and if I emailed myself photos, I had to log out of hotmail-google and log BACK in to Gmail...blah blah blah... Tired yet? I am!

SO! In my Hotmail blogger account, I made my Gmail-self an admin to the new Doodle Bugs & Daisies blog. Genius! Then, logged in as Gmail-self, I un-admin-ed my hotmail-self and VIOLA! No more Hotmail crud! Fast Forward to TODAY... and decide to go back and read through the blogs of the beginning of then We Three Dyes... What's this? No Photos?? What????!!! {Boo Hoo} Here is what I see:
Yes, I still have XP on this computer.
Don't Judge! *New laptop soon!* {Yay!}
Notice all the triangles with exclamation points? Yeah. Me too. They are screaming at me, "Courtney! What did you do!? I used to be a BEAUTIFUL bridal shot of Yooooouuuu!!" On Every. Single. Blog post. Since before DB&D... Yes, I messed up big time.

So now what? Well, I've considered one thing so far: Copy-pasting all blogs prior to the "Merging of Accounts" into Word (Dates/times, everything!)... Deleting all prior posts.... Then Copy-pasting back into Blogger and re-uploading appropriate photos and re-publishing each blog post with original date-time stamp via the Schedule under post settings.

Sound tedious? 
Yeah, I think so too. 
So, do you have a better idea?? 

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