Monday, April 30, 2012

Camera Strap Cover

Happy Monday!
It’s just been me and the littlest one today. Riley spent the night with her Grandma, since it was Grandma’s sisters’ last night visiting us in Texas.
I’ve been stalking Pinterest a lot lately for things to do and make. I found this tutorial to make a cover for a camera shoulder/neck strap.

I hadn’t been planning on making it right away. I pinned it for later use. However, a good friend commented on my pin saying, “COURTNEY! MAKE ME ONE OF THESE!!!” I kid you not, all caps and many exclamation points. So, after finding out her favorite colors… yada yada… I made a trip to Jo Ann’s to collect fabric and fusible webbing. I went ahead and bought fabric for my own strap.
Ok, so Jo Ann’s is not new to our area of Texas. However, since moving to Conroe 20 years ago (HEY! THIS YEAR IS 20 YEARS OF LIVING IN CONROE!!), Jo Ann’s has been in three different locations, each one slightly bigger than the one before. Well, this newest location is absolutely HUGE. It took me an hour to browse everything in that store.

Anyway, here is what the strap covers turned out to look like. I’m very happy with them. I love that it only took twenty minutes to make one. I did tweak a few of the specifications to make it my own and a little easier for my eyes to see what I was doing on the sewing machine, but the end product is exactly what the tutorial end product looks like!

 This one will be my Friend’s strap cover.

This one is mine! (Check out my mad Instagram skills ;-)

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