Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ransom Toys

“Take This to Your Room, Riley!”

Over and over again! All day, every day! Usually the same toys or shoes each time, too.

In fact, here are the toys in question

·         Noah’s ark

·         Ball

·         Basket full of crayons

·         Lisa Frank coloring book

·         Jewelry box

·         Books

·         A bunch of other “Riley Treasures”

So, one day on Pinterest, I found a pin that was a Mommy Ransom Chore Box. I wasn’t out to find anything related to this. In fact, I just did an “Everything” search and this is what I found:

All the toys left out during the day go into the tote and in order for the toy’s owner to get the toy back is to do a “ransom” chore such as cleaning the windows or baseboards or a silly activity like 20 jumping jacks while chanting “I am a clean machine!”

So, my question is… Is 2 ½ years too early to start ransom chores??  I kind of think so. I’m picky about streaks in my glass, she wouldn’t be able to reach very high, and she doesn’t have the attention span to finish a task. As far a silly activities go, I don’t think she is coordinated enough to do jumping jacks…  I suppose if I was really serious about this Ransom Box, I could always come up with my own chores or activities.

Does your toddler have chores to do at home on a regular basis? What does he/she do for you?

Riley already feeds her two guinea pigs, Dizzy and Lizzy. She also takes her dishes to the sink when she is done and will throw away trash when asked.

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