Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Natalee's Two-Month Check Up

Today was a pretty great day! Perfect beach weather:) Too bad I wasn't at the beach. Matt was working close enough to home that Natalee and I got to meet him for lunch at Subway. I like these days. I wish there were more days where he worked close by.

After lunch, we went to Natalee's 2-month check up. We got there about 30 minutes early and when we walked in there was NO one in the waiting room. We got to go back to the exam room right after checking in. It was awesome, I don't think that has ever happened to us. Our nurse was wonderful. Natalee 'talked' to him the whole time he took her measurements. At 9 weeks old, Natalee is 22.5 inches long (50th percentile) and 10.00 lbs (15th percentile). So she is about average height and fairly skinny... but, she is following a curve so her doctor is not concerned one bit.

Natalee's doctor then came in to check her out. He was very happy with her progress and said he was proud of how good I have been doing with my kiddos' development. Obviously I'm going to take care of my kids, but it is always appreciated when an authority figure acknowledges accomplishments! Our pedi was Kyle's and my pedi when we were little. I've always liked him. He's a funny guy! Today he asked me how tummy time has been going. I told him, in all honesty we struggle with it. Or, *I* struggle with it. I hate making my baby cry. I didn't do very well with Riley and tummy time either and she's 2.5 and does everything just fine or even better. Dr. Mac told me, "Tummy time is a good thing. Letting babies cry is not going to turn them into underwear bombers or shoe bombers!" I laughed at that... So any way, Natalee is just as perfect as the day she was born and wont go back until she is 4 months old.

After Natalee's doctor appointment, we went to Grandma's house to pick Riley up and then home to get Daddy so we could go see Poppy at work. Riley loves seeing her Poppy at the hobby shop. If you ask Riley what Poppy does at work, she will tell you, "Poppy works on the computer and helicopters at the hobby shop!" Only, it sounds much cuter when she says it. After Dad closed up the shop, we went and grabbed dinner at Arby's. (I had a chicken salad wrap, it was very yummy and I totally recommend it!)

So anyway, today was a really good day! Riley is excited about tomorrow. She gets to go with Grandma to pick up Aunt Grace from the airport and then we all get to go to dinner for Grandma's birthday:)


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