Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rooster's Eyes

My baby is doing so good!

Yesterday Riley had her 8wk post-surgery check up with her surgeon. Her surgeon said Riley is definitely "Out of the Woods" surgery-wise. :) Yay! Made momma's heart happy :)

We are doing well with patching her good eye. We are up to 2-3 waking hours/day of having a patch on her good eye. Our goal is 50% of waking hours, but this is already better than what we thought we would get so soon.

Riley had to have a pressure test done (tests for glaucoma). The nurse put numbing drops in Riley's eyes and then put a digital probe on her eyeball for, no joke, 1-2 seconds each and was done. Riley didn't even fuss!She's getting so good at letting us do what we have to to her eyes. I know it has something in part to do with me becoming faster at getting her contact in and out. Thank you, God, for that!

The new contact that we have been using for Riley is definitely the correct power this time. I don't know how they can tell what power she needs. It's not like Riley can look through lenses and answer, "Is it better: one or two?" Her doctor just looks and can tell, somehow. It's amazing.

I do know that I can tell a difference between Riley wearing a contact and when she doesn't have it in. Riley will go out of her way to be able to see with her good eye when there is not a contact in her bad eye. She is just doing so well with this big adventure and Mr. Dye and I couldn't be more prouder of our little one :-D

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