Monday, April 18, 2011

Rooster's Easter Basket

I decorated an Easter basket for my little girl today. I went to Michael's Saturday to look for ideas. The Easter section left me wanting, so I wandered over to the scrapbooking section. Here is was I gathered:
  • Basket: had a liner, I removed it
  • Ribbon (green, sheer, thin)
  • Pre-cut ribbon 1 yd each (blue, green, pink, varying widths)
  • bandana flowers
  • stick on rhinestones

I hot-glued the blue on top of the green

Then, flipped the blue/green over and hot glued the pink to the back of the green

This is how it turned out. I then glued the ribbon combo to the basket. I left the wicker "lip" at the top.


Close up...

The thin green sheer ribbon will wrap around the handle. I started by tying a bow to one side. Then, I cut off the excess ribbon. I hot-glued the bow to make it stand correctly, instead of the bows flopping over.

Here is the green ribbon wrapped around the handle

There was still ribbon left over. I like dangles, so I cut equal-length sections, and made it dangle!


Here, I took a rhinestone and put it as the center of all the flowers and started adding them to the handle. This one went on the center of the ribbon bow.

Here are a few more flowers added

Each flower has some bling in the middle

I added more bling equally around the blue ribbon


I think she approves :) We can't wait for Easter!

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  1. HEY!!! I am your newest follower, visiting from Homemaker on a dime!! So excited! :)

  2. Courtney, that easter basket is so cute! Great job! Thank you for sharing this at the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop :) I hope you'll join us again starting 5 pm this Sunday, PST.