Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday Link Party (Hosted by Shabby Blogs)

Shabby Blogs' Top Ten Tuesday Link Party!!

List 10 Random Things About Myself:

1. Driving alone in my truck makes me happy. It’s rare, but when it happens, the windows are down and the tunes are up!

2.  I like road trips. But I don't like the getting there part if I'm not driving. When we used to DRIVE to TN to see mom's family, I would sleep the ENTIRE way there, only waking up to eat or to go to the bathroom. That's like a 14 hour trip, mind you! But, if I'm driving, I love it! I can look at the scenery go by and sit in silence without radio or other people and be perfectly content! But I get super cranky if I'm just a passenger

3. I love getting snail mail. It's the best feeling in the world knowing that someone took the time to write you a personal letter. I wish all my snail mail wasn't junk, though. If you feel like writing, I’d love a pen pal!

4. I am in college and I am majoring in agriculture while minoring in Secondary Education. I want to be a high school Ag teacher one day. Unfortunately, I seem to be making a career out of school. This is going on my 8th year of college. I can hardly see the light at the end of the tunnel, but I am determined to finish. One day…

5. I once had red hair for about a month. I LOVED it. I think I'm going to try blonde the next time I'm feeling adventurous!!

6. I'm usually not a picky eater. BUT... lately I'm finding out that I actually AM! Tastes definitely change over time. The only beans I eat are Pork and beans and Green beans! Everything else is a no no. I hate mushrooms. I used to Love scrambled eggs. Now I gag at the sight of them. They are disgusting. Any egg. They are only good for baking with! I absolutely can't stand pickles, onions, or mustard. I will NOT touch anything remotely spicy either. And this isn't the entire list either... However, since marrying my husband, I’ve had to become a little more forgiving towards food. If he cooks, I have to be willing to try it once. I have found that I like HIS way of cooking scrambled eggs:)

7. When I go out to eat, I usually don't try new things. I tend to stick to the same entrees. For example, at Roadhouse, I order the rib eye with a salad and mashed potatoes. At any Italian restaurant, I order some sort of shrimp alfredo. At Mexican food restaurants, I order cheese enchiladas, no beans. At Seafood places, it’s ALMOST always fried catfish.

8. Matt and I were only officially dating a month before Rooster came along. It was devastating at the time and I hated making my momma sad over my indiscretions. Matt and I are very adamant that we will make this marriage work. I feel that we still got married out of love and never because we had a baby together. I believe Riley was sent to me to help my family in a difficult time. She was born the day before the one-year anniversary of my little brother’s death. I am so incredibly grateful to God for sending her!

9. I have a list of about 200 books that I must read that I am trying to work through. I love to read. This list is growing ever so long... so I should be set for life on reading material!

10. I once had 78 pairs of shoes. I went through EVERY SINGLE ONE and decided that I didn't wear several anymore and that some just didn't fit anymore. I now have 15. That’s such a small number compared to 78! But, on the bright side, I do have more floor space now! Lol

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  1. That's crazy you had 78 pairs of shoes! Good for you for downsizing! I found you via the linky party! I'm now following you and would love it if you'd stop by and follow me, too!


    1. Hi Angela! Thank you for visiting :) I'm headed your way shortly and will return the follow!

  2. lol. You sound like a non-picky | picky eater like me. Ie always said I wasn't picky. Only to find out I was. I agree. Snail mail is the best!!

    1. Hi LaShawn! LOL I like the "non-picky - picky eater" status. That is definitely me! Thank you for stopping by :)

  3. Good on you for continuing with your studies even though it's taking a looooong time. I started at university earlier this year, but once I had a taste for the workload, and it became obvious that it would take me at least 6 years to finish, I gave it up. It's such a big commitment, so all power to you if you have lasted this long!

    1. Hello Janelle! Thank you for the encouragement! I'm so close to finishing, it would be really horrible and such a waste if I quit now. I hope you will reconsider your school in the future. I thoroughly enjoyed every year I've been on campus :)

  4. I LOVE driving alone too. The peace and quiet is so nice and it really helps you clear your head.

    Enjoyed learning about you. :)

  5. This was fun to read :D
    I know how you feel about being a professional student. I was in university from 1996 to 2007 (although the last few years were writing my thesis, no classes...)!

  6. I love snail mail, too! Thanks for visiting my blog & following! I'd love to pen pal ya sometime! =)

  7. What an awesome list! That was so fun to read! Can't wait to explore some more over here... :)