Thursday, April 11, 2013

Recent Crafts

 I've been busy trying new things! Pinterest has been a great inspiration for me. Here, I followed along with Jessica as she made this adorable Junebug Dress. I let Rooster pick the fabric. I'm not crazy about SO much bright pink, however, if she wears it I'll be just fine :) This was my first project that had sleeves. I think it turned out better than I expected. I still think I like my pillowcase dresses best, though! ;)

Rooster loves her new dress :)
I like it much better with it being trimmed with white notions!

I made this lovely little camera strap cover for my cousin a few weeks ago. I've been making this for so long, I can do it by memory, and I have no idea who the original creator is anymore. It is so simple to make though! If you would like a tutorial, let me know and I'll be more than happy to whip one up! 

I've been needing a new front door wreath, but did not want a traditional wreath so I turned to Pinterest for more inspiration. I ended up making this cute letter "D" to hang. Somewhat Quirky has the tutorial. Like her, I'm not quite sure I like the way it turned out. But, it kept me busy for an afternoon, so I suppose I cannot complain!

This bandanna dress was a customer's custom job. The request came about because the baby's mother is a Texas University fan, and the father is an Aggie (can you see where my allegiance lies?? LOL) It pained me to combine the two fabrics. However, depending on who dresses the little tyke, the little princess can support both teams until she is old enough to decide on her own! 

In November of 2012, I did my first craft fair where I featured all my bandanna dresses! Here is a photo of my display: 

I had so much fun and even did very well in sales. I did one more craft fair after this particular one. I have another one coming up in May and another in July. The one in July is at the Spring Ho Festival in my grandparent's town of Lampasas. I'm really excited about this one. It will be my first multi-day event! 



  1. sweet! You have inspired me, I am totally rubbish at sewing sleeves but seeing you have done so well I'm going to have a go.

    1. It was way easier than I expected. Definitely try it out :) Thanks for stopping by!